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9 Lives is a full band made up from some of Melbourne’s best session musicians.  9 Lives are available as a duo, trio or full blown rock band! 9 Lives plays all your classic songs from past to present. Check out some of the band members details below...

I'm another title

I'm another title

Adam Kenner Singer

Adam Kenner – Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
With a range from soulful blues to screaming rock vocals (along with everything in-between!) Adam allows the band to perform any song with his vocal being able to match it with the best. Adam also sings in Van Halen tribute band Van Hagar and has also sung with Melbourne cover band 80’s Enuff. Adam also plays guitar and often plays with Brendan in the 9 Live’s Acoustic duo format

Brendan Allen – Guitar, Vocals & Music Director
Brendan runs and organises the band for each gig. Brendan provides backing vocals in the full band format but sings lead vocals in the 9 Lives Trio and 9 Lives Guitar/Drum Duo.

Brendan Allen Music

I'm another title

Pete Wardrobe Bass

Pete Wardrobe - Bass Guitar

He’s a very solid Bass Player and one hell of a backing vocalist. Peter’s never afraid to put in harmonies and can go high or low with his voice.

He’s a minimalist and would turn up with nothing more than a Bass if he could. Peter also can run DI straight into the PA if needed. He is just as comfortable to play with or without an amp.

Pete’s a great bass player to have on board.

Peter is an outstandingly talented musician who’s played in Melbourne cover band Red Rockit along with Dr Shred and the Electric Mayhem.

Jon Chapman Drums

Jon Chapman - Drums
Former drummer from original Melbourne band “Autofocus”, Jon is the engine room behind the band providing a solid foundation to  the songs. Jon’s ability to sing brilliant harmonies and improvise songs on the fly makes Jon a very versatile member of the band.

Christian Nativo Drums

Christian Nativo - Drums

Christian is a freelance drummer and educator based in Melbourne, Australia. Christian's signature sound is a result of his musical sensibility and broad range of musical tastes . 

Christian freelances to a number of covers/corporate bands as well as touring and recording artists around Australia. His teaching appointments at Allans/Billy Hyde Music, Wendy's Music and various Primary Schools/Secondary Schools around Melbourne, keep him connected to the grass roots of music education.

Christians a great drummer and  consistentaly delivers the groove when playing with 9 Lives.

Visit Christian’s website for info on music lessons:

Dean Gaudoin Bass

Dean Gaudoin – Bass Guitar
The London (UK) born bassist, Dean Gaudoin, settled  in Melbourne and studied Jazz at the College Of Music in Box Hill.

He has played with Eric Martin (from US Supergroup: "Mr Big"), Kiran Jay Haslam's: "Syrup" as well as his own original bands, "Xtreme Measures", "Titanium“, "Xistance“ and  “The Brendan Allen Band”

Touring extensively throughout Oman, Cyprus, UK, Bahrain, China and Australia, Dean continues to bring his unique style to every musical arena...jazz to funk to in-your-face progressive metal!

Dean also provides rock solid harmonies and is never too shy when given a bass solo!

Dean is currently playing 6 nights a week overseas and will return to OZ sometime in 2013!

Brendan Allen Music

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